A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A DF/JK keyboard rhythm game with concurring elements of story surrounding it,  Dancing With the Devil is a combination of classic rhythm play and visual novel. Join the cultist MC as they attempt to prove themselves to Asmodeous, the demonic DJ and the one MC has fallen for, through their performance to its music.

How to play:

DF/JK to hit to the beat.

Click to continue.

Esc to pause.

About The Devs:

This game was created by a group of students in the span of 72 hours as part of a UCLA ACM Game Studio x UCSD VGDC collaborative Game Jam under the theme Combination.

Story- Mauve Spillard

Editing- Evan Ibarra

Art- Diana Olivas, Fiona Chen

Programming- Yun Tsai, Daniel Jaffe

Music- Diana Olivas

Beat Mapping- Fiona Chen

UI/UX Art- Diana Olivas


Windows - Jam Version 37 MB
Mac - Jam Version 46 MB
Mac - Post Jam Version 46 MB
Windows - Post Jam Version 37 MB


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Hey! I think the rhythm mechanic may be broken in the game? When the scene for it came up, nothing happened except for the music playing (love the song choice by the way, haha). I'm not sure if it's just on my end, but I thought I'd let you know!

Thank you for the feedback! The game should be fixed now (fingers crossed).

sadly it is still broken